Terms & Privacy Policy

Content Terms:

StartupsWeLove does not control any business aspect of the startups that are featured on our site. We merely showcase these startups and act as a third-party marketing platform for them. We don’t take responsibility of any information, business models, financial statuses or any other aspects of these companies. We reserve the right to reject or remove any startups that do not comply with our requirements.

Payment Terms:

All payments made to StartupsWeLove are completed using a secure payment gateway and we do not store the payment information of any of our customers. If you’re submission is rejected at any time, we will refund the full amount, after services fees, if any, are deducted.

Privacy Policy:

We do not give out any information or contact details of our users to third parties for marketing or advertising purposes. All contact information is stored securely and only used to contact you if we absolutely need to. All startups that are listed on our platform lead to external links where users can contact the founders directly.